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A word from the Minister
"We are an active church that seeks to discover God at work in our lives and in the lives of others.

Through worship, learning, caring, service and in sharing the love of Jesus, we look to become His disciples. We are active as Christians in the local community and many groups find a home in our wonderful modern premises.

Whether you are visiting us through the website or at the church itself, I pray that you will glimpse something of the life we share in Christ, and that you may share that life too."

Rev. Sue Keegan von Allmen

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Our Church building will be open for Worship at 11am on Sundays with restrictions in place to ensure it is Covid19 safe. We will take contact details from all present. Do not attend if you have any symptoms.

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Please phone 023 8026 0128 for any enquiries or pastoral needs

Our Focus this Month
HOLY HABITS from June to July - Biblical Teaching
During June and July we are going to consider the Holy Habit of Biblical Teaching. Although the Church is closed, we can still follow the teaching that Sue and Ken have prepared for us all. You will find the material when you click on 'Holy Habits', the 4th heading in the left hand menu on this home page.

Sue, our minister, says:

'Dear Friends,

I returned to church while I was at university, having grown up in a Catholic home and church, and had a phase as a teenage atheist. As I began to read the Bible, I was content to listen to what other people said, at first.

But then I started to notice things that didn’t seem to make sense. One of them, was what appeared to me, to be four different stories about Jesus. How was I to know what Jesus said and did and taught, or who he really was, if the stories about him were so different? Which Gospel had the timescale right? Why, when they said “this was done to fulfil the scriptures,” did they quote different parts of the Hebrew scriptures? I had so many questions and wanted answers, and they became even more acute when I was told to believe every word of the Bible, because it’s exactly what God intended.

For me, the journey of discovering answers to some of these questions, has been an exciting one that I’m still on. I’ve learnt that we don’t all read the Bible in the same way, that our life stories and way of seeing the world, affect what we read. We don’t all share an understanding of what the Bible is. That it’s OK to bring a critical eye to reading the Bible. And that reading the Bible together, when we’re open to each other’s viewpoints, gives us a richer understanding of the life God wants us to lead - even if we don’t all agree on it.

As we share in this Holy Habit over the next two months, I hope that your journey of faith will be enlivened and deepened, and that as we explore the Bible together our lives will continue to be changed.'